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Hotel Activities
There’s a lot to discover, and do, at the Famous North Gregory.


The Grand Old Lady’s themed dinner nights offer you an interactive experience that can’t be found anywhere else.


Banjo Paterson is more than just the bloke on the back of a ten-dollar note. One of Australia’s most prolific writers, he played a crucial role in shaping the public’s image of the bush, and Australia itself. Join Banjo and Christina Macpherson as they relive the story behind the creation of Australia’s real national anthem — Waltzing Matilda. With live entertainment, poetry readings, exclusive video content, drinks, and mouth-watering country food, this is an evening not to be missed. ‘An Evening with Banjo’ is on Monday andThursday nights.

Adults – $60        Seniors – $55        Children (Under 12) – $30


It’s time to let loose and celebrate WINTON’S BOULD OPAL in style. Join us as we fire up the BBQ, crank open the bar, and dress up the courtyard like OPALTON. With trivia, music, drinks, films, and live entertainment you’ll learn more about opal mining than you could in any book. ‘Winton’s Royalty’ is on Tuesday and Friday nights.

Adults – $60        Seniors – $55        Children (Under 12) – $30


Unwind, relax, and enjoy some downtime among new friends. In front of the North Gregory’s Heritage Campfire, you’ll forget life’s problems, share stories, eat, and listen to live music. There really is nothing better than experiencing the Outback beneath the stars.‘Starry Night’ is on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Adults – $50        Seniors – $45        Children (Under 12) – $20


Every Sunday we like to celebrate The Grand Old Lady by throwing her a party. With live entertainment, music, movies, cold drinks, and great food (be sure to try the Grand Old Lady’s Sunday Roast) there’s something for everyone.

Chock full of charm, stories, larger than life characters and the Grand Old Lady’s OUTBACK GAMES, it truly is an Outback experience like no other.

Some of the events (varying weekly) include:

A water-pistol shoot out.

  • Dunking for apples.
  • Arm wrestling
  • Egg-and-spoon races
  • Bush Bingo
  • Crutches and pram racing down Cob Lane.
  • Arm wrestling
  • Face painting

There will also be rounds of outdoor cricket, table tennis championships, and an array of Outback-themed sports.Guests, and locals, can also escape the sun and catch movies in the Opal Theatre. So make sure that you’re here on Sundays, and if you’re a local, be sure to swing by.

The Grand Old Lady aims to cater to every speed of life. You can relax with a movie at our very own OPAL cinema, or thrash out a competitive game of table tennis. Sporting equipment can be hired, and our exclusive gym access will mean that you never feel guilty about indulging in our mouth-watering food.

At our DESIGN-A-SAUR crafts area, kids (and adults) can design their own dinosaurs to take home or decorate the hotel with.
FOSSIL HUNTERS allows you to become an archaeologist as you search for dinosaur bones. If you’re lucky, you may just find a Winton Boulder Opal. There are even some eager resident dinosaurs, just waiting to take snap with you.

The Grand Old Lady loves to put on a show and offers two exclusive tours that’ll surely make your trip to Winton one to remember.

JAMMIN’ IN WINTON is a hands-on experience where guests can live out their fantasies of being a rock star (we’ve all been there). Drinks and snacks will keep you going as you belt out an impromptu concert at our famous Musical Fence.  The tour will also take you to Winton’s Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum. It’ll provide a unique window into the way of life of the Outback.

 Adults (A)     – $15                          Seniors (S)   – $13
Children (C)  (Under 12)- $10      Family (2A, 2C) – $45

THE GRAND OLD LADY’S HISTORIC CRAWL combines a town tour with the two best ways to get to know any Aussie community — pubs and cemeteries.  Visit all of the town pubs and soak up the history. Winton’s cemetery is something not to be missed, providing a window into what life was life in the Outback back yonder.

Adults (A)     – $15                         Seniors (S)   – $13
Children (C)  (Under 12)- $9      Family (2A, 2C) – $40

Upcoming Events

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